Month 7

06/11/2006 - Centre Parcs

We spent the next week at centre parcs.

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06/11/2006 - Finger food

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We decided it was time to introduce finger food, so started on a lovely rice cake. As usual, anything in her hand went straight into her mouth, and there was soon just a bit of mush left in her palm.

05/11/2006 - Bonfire night

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We thought fireworks might be a bit much, but couldn't resist lighting a few sparklers.

31/10/2006 - Wibble wobble

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Elizabeth likes to stand up holding onto her play gym, which isn't the sturdiest structure in the world!

27/10/2006 - In the big bath

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Told you it wouldn't be long. Elizabeth is enjoying having much more space to throw her toys about!

27/10/2006 - Getting better!

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Elizabeth doesn't mind being on her front as much now, and can now roll from her front to her back at last. She still only moves backwards though!

25/10/2006 - Winter coat

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It's got chilly recently!

12/10/2006 - Our freezer

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This is what our freezer looks like these days! More baby food than stuff for us!

10/10/2006 - 6 months old today!

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And blowing raspberries to celebrate! (all day...)