22/08/2010 - A picnic in the mountains

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On our fourth and final day we went for a drive in the mountains next to where Stuart & Mel live. We had a beautiful drive looking for the perfect picnic spot - somewhere with a place to sit, an amazing view, and a bit of shade (it was over 30C). In the end we gave up and stopped here, which had the amazing view and a bit of shade, but nowhere to sit!

21/08/2010 - The wedding!

Day 3 was the main event - Stuart & Mel's wedding. Photos are here:

20/08/2010 - Giddyup!

These were available for hire next to the lake. Elizabeth loved them!

20/08/2010 - Annecy

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Day 2 we set off for Annecy, a famously beautiful town on a lake not too far away. Unfortunately it was tipping down. By the time we had finished our lunch of crepes followed by crepes it had stopped though, and we had a nice wander around.

19/08/2010 - Mont Blanc

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We did get an amazing view of Mont Blanc from the top of Brevent.

19/08/2010 - Brevent

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As we couldn't go up Mont Blanc, we went up the mountain opposite. 2 Cable car rides later and we were 2525m up at the top of Brevent (where Elizabeth did a nice song and dance routine at the top).

19/08/2010 - Chamonix

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On our first day we set off for Chamonix Mont Blanc, about an hour away. Nice drive, and we got there about 11:30. We then found out that there was such a big queue that we wouldn't be able to go up Mont Blanc until 4pm, and wouldn't get back down till 7pm! Here is a photo of it from the bottom anyway...