07/06/2003 - Cathedral in Santiago

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Can't remember what it is called off hand though. Spent a while in the square watching street performers. There were some amazing drumming kids. Youngest was about 4.

Just quick entries for today. Haven't got much time!

07/06/2003 - Santiago from the hills...

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Up a cable car for a view of the city. It is nicely nestled inbetween some snow capped mountains. Shame it was such a hazy day. The city is very developed. Not what I expected in S America. More like a European city.

07/06/2003 - Church of St Francis, Santiago

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we are now in Santiago, just for a couple of days before setting off to Easter Island. Took this photo this morning in a church round the corner from where we are staying. It is the oldest building in santiago (1500s some time).