30/06/2012 - Osterley Park

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We had a lovely afternoon at Osterley Park and house. Elizabeth and Emma greatly enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be the ladies of the house.

27/06/2012 - Sports day

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Elizabeth's first school sports day. We missed last year as we were on holiday. She won her heat of the obstacle race, and got a second in the dressing up race, but 3 drops in the egg and spoon resulted in a last place to finish.

24/06/2012 - Razzamataz

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the Razzamataz (Elizabeth's drama, singing and dancing lessons) show is finally here. They did their own take on Alice in wonderland, and Elizabeth was a flamingo. Whilst she wasn't in it quite as much as we had expected, it was still very good!

23/06/2012 - Ickenham Festival

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watching the parade go past Mum and dad's house.

17/06/2012 - Let's go fly a kite...

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We'e had this kite for years, and finally got round to taking it out. Elizabeth loved it, and got the hang of it really quickly.